August 3, 2023

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AUGUST 6 Our Sacred Space is all set to organize their Sunday festival of this month. They are hosting a farmers’ market for handlooms, organic cosmetics, bio enzyme-based products, organic vegetables and fruits, homemade food, juice and kulfi, health drinks and more, with Odissi, harmonica and live performances as their special attractions! Venue: Our Sacred…

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It is often said that in your lifetime, you should do one thing you have never done before, something so daring that it scares you. And we are not talking of falling in love; that should set shivers down the strongest. So this month, I do something that I’ve never done before – curate a…

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Adopt, Don’t Shop

The 19th anniversary of International Dog Day falls on August 26, and highlighting the cause that focuses on the importance of adopting a pet is the way forward. Many animal lovers and NGOs promote adoption of dogs over buying them from unethical breeders. WOW! speaks to three of the many NGOs that promote the adoption…

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Strong Arm Tactics

Twenty-six-year-old Ahmed Faizan Ali is a multi-faceted sportsman who has, over the years, taken on both football and arm-wrestling, also known as Panja. The young athlete, who hails from King Koti, has managed in five short years, to bag a bronze medal at his debut tournament, the Telangana Arm-Wrestling Championship in 2018 and went onto…

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A doctor who is also an actor

It may be the monsoon season in Hyderabad, but for actor Sreeleela, it clearly is cherry-picking time. Sreeleela made a tepid debut in the film industry three years ago with the Kannada movie KISS. But 2022 changed all of it. She burst into the 100-crore movie league with her role as a girl-next-door in actor…

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