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Three years ago, battling a severe bout of anxiety, Nimrah Mirza found solace by reconnecting with her old love for horses. She knew that horses have long been known for their therapeutic qualities, providing comfort, companionship, and a sense of calm to individuals facing various challenges, including anxiety and depression. For a psychologist like Nimrah,…

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Ocean’s 11 and more

If your kids are besotted with Finding Nemo or The Little Mermaid and want to know more about marine life, you can give them a glimpse right here, in land-locked Hyderabad. Earlier this year, during the month of April, Hyderabadis were treated to a one-of-a-kind underwater tunnel aquarium. Set up at Kukatpally, the expo, held…

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Refined Indulgence

The store’s grand opening combined elegance, sumptuous bites, exquisite table settings, and engaging conversations, giving the guests a peek into refined dining experiences. Bespoke Bliss May 28, Surreal Conceptual Studios Aishwarya Linga unveiled her exclusive bespoke conceptual photography studio. A haven for discerning connoisseurs. The launch saw several of the city’s icons and fashion photographers…

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Hussain Sagar Lake and Necklace Road are nostalgia-filled havens for Hyderabadis, old and new. Amidst the city’s vibrant chaos, these places exude tranquillity. As we stepped into the newly launched Lake District Bar & Kitchen, we were captivated by the breathtaking view of the lake. The Ambience With a seating capacity of 214, the vibrant…

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