Glamorizing the Gamcha

Designer Asmita Marwa breathed new life into the timeless gamcha fabric, by creating a collection that intertwined tradition with modernity. Embracing a zero-waste approach, this collection paid homage to India’s rich roots while making a bold statement at a recent fashion show in the city.

The collection was dominated by detailed embroidery of birds and other motifs, that captured the essence of a vibrant summer. The revival of the gamcha showcased sustainability.

If the gamcha fabric could speak, what would it say about its journey from a traditional Indian towel to a trendy fashion statement?

Though there are multiple functional uses of the fabric, I think the gamcha fabric would be surprised by its unexpected usage in haute couture.

How do you envision the modern demographic of consumers incorporating the gamcha fabric into their personal style?

Society now is all about comfort and expressing themselves through their wardrobe. Filled with the rich traditions of simplicity and our rural culture, the gamcha fabric would be an ideal answer for the wearer to express their roots and flaunt their style in our silhouettes which retain the same.

In what ways did you ensure that your collection reflects the spirit of summer and allows individuals to express their unique style?

Inspired from ponchos and kaftans, the collection comprises breezy, open and breathable silhouettes that reflect the essence of summer. Whether it is to travel or to dress up or dress down; or layer it on your swimsuit on a beach, the gamcha is the perfect fabric to make that happen, because it doesn’t crease easily and is highly absorbent.

An interesting experience while creating the collection?

It was the incredible journey of the fabric itself. Sourced from West Bengal through an art collector friend, the gamcha fabric embarked on a vibrant adventure. The little bird embroidery details, inspired by The Birds of Asia book, were meticulously crafted by nuns in Puducherry. Finally, this fabric rich in culture arrived at our studio, ready to be transformed into a timeless ensemble, embodying the essence of tradition and artistry.

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