Intricate Paper Silhouettes

“This particular artform (psaligraphy) requires a lot of patience,” says Neetu Sam, the founder of Artijori. She is an engineer and a self-taught artist who loves solo travel. Her inclination towards art started when she was a child and she now creates beautiful artworks in acrylics, watercolors, terracotta clay sculpting, psaligraphy and wall art. She believes in sustainable living and upcycling and tries to focus much of her art around these ideologies.

Neetu’s psaligraphy or paper artworks are detailed. “Intricacy is my thing. When I say that detailing always requires precision from the thought process to execution which comes out as a beautifully woven story by the end,” she says about the reason for her passion for this artform.

Neetu conducts classes and workshops on paper cutting from time to time. The workshops are three to six hours long and the materials are provided. They are held in person in collaboration with various cafés or creative spaces, Neetu also conducts private sessions online. The online classes vary according to the level of expertise. A beginners’ class is usually conducted with a group where participants have to buy their own materials. For more advanced levels, the classes can be held one on one on weekends.

Neetu explains the process for a beginners’ class. “First, I take them through what is drawing and doodling, because they need to understand the basics before they sketch and cut. It then moves on to understanding the line weight, what is the thickness of the line and why that is important in a paper cut.”

Participants begin working individually and then get divided into groups where they can come up with ideas together. After this, they start cutting the paper with guidance from Neetu. “I guide them on how to hold the knife angularly, the dos and don’ts where they are not hurting themselves and how to make sure the needles are not going blunt, in short, the whole process,” says Neetu.

At the end of the workshop, participants have their final piece of art to take home which can be framed in a glass-to-glass sandwich frame. The workshops and classes are for anyone aged 13 and above as the paper cutting knives (or precision knives as they are called) are no less than surgical knives and hence require caution and care while handling them.

Apart from teaching, Neetu also takes up commission work and has her artworks on sale on her website. n ARZOO

Prices: On Request

Tel: 9676911799


Instagram:@ artijoriofficial

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