Old is Gold

“I buy second hand furniture, refurbish and redesign it,” says Jaya Tulasi Ramshetty, Founder, Brown and Teal; who incidentally is also a photographer. She started the initiative to inspire people to reuse their old pieces.

Jaya would often go to second hand furniture markets, purchase a few items and scraps to give them a new lease of life; and what started out as a hobby is now a business. “I used to feel that these furniture pieces have so much scope, though I understand why people trash them. Either it is because they can’t repair them or they don’t find the right person to restore the pieces. One main reason is that a lot of westernization is happening, so people want to get new contemporary designs,” she says.

She noticed that there are a lot of people like her who like old designs and old furniture, owing to its unique charm, quality and intricate designs. With her business, she is trying to fill the gap in the market by offering services where you can send your old furniture and she will redesign it and send it back.

Otherwise, if you are looking for an item for a certain space in your house, they will source it, refurbish it making it available for purchase.

One major challenge Jaya has faced with her work she says is on the pricing front. “People believe that if it is second hand, it should cost less. But if a person who actually knows about teakwood or the kind of wood I am using in Brown and Teal, they will understand that the older the teak, the better quality it is.”

Apart from the quality, the fact that the furniture is repaired and redesigned makes it as good as a new piece. She also mentions that there are many items that have to be made from scratch and for this, they even buy the raw materials like wood, planks and scrap in second hand.

Jaya takes custom orders and also launches capsule collections of limited one-of-a-kind items from time to time.


Prices: Rs 10,000 onwards

Tel: 9703038014



How To Have Good Furniture That Lasts For Years

  • Invest in good pieces made of teak, sheesham or rosewood which are long lasting
  • Focus on quality more than design
  • Reuse old furniture by repairing or refurbishing it
  • Furniture doesn’t have to be from a company or brand, buy quality wood and get it made if possible
  • Designs in other materials can easily be made or replicated in good and higher quality materials
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